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Using Hernan's Death Star model, as well as Master Qui-Gon's Death Star surface, trench and exhaust port models, I tried to recreate the best Battle of Yavin missions I could. I tried to get them as movie-accurate as possible.
The shipset is divided up into 3 missions:

Part 1: Destroy Deflection Towers
Part 2: Destroy Enemy TIEs
Part 3: Death Star Trench Run.

In Part 1, Red Squadron must provide cover for Gold Squadron as they take out deflection towers and gun emplacements.

In Part 2, Red Squadron must deal with enemy TIE Fighters as Gold Squadron is off making their trench run. Red Squadron will make the second run if necessary.

In Part 3, Gold Squadron is gone and Red Leader is down. It's up to Luke, Biggs and Wedge to make one last trench run and save the Alliance from destruction.

Please be aware if you have Darksaber's UCP installed, you will have to overwrite some OPTs, as all the slots will be filled up. You can't install any OPTs if they exceed 217.

Alternatively, you can go to XWA Upgrade and manually install each individual download to ensure you have free slots.